You know how some people just take forever to make up their minds?

We’re pretty sure that, depending on the country you are from, we can guess how long it would take you to find and book a hotel room.


Well, we have a lot of data. Tens of thousands from all over the world use Dohop to find and book hotel rooms.

What we did was sort the data by country and then we took a look at the time people spent on the page. Want to know what nation makes it’s mind up the fastest when booking a hotel room or is perhaps in the biggest rush (Italy, we are looking at you).

Take a look:

The difference between the fastest and the slowest in our top ten is 10 minutes, 14 seconds.

Two countries compete for the fastest hotel booker, Italy and Russia but in the end Italy wins by 20 seconds.

The people who take the longest time to make up their minds are the ever polite Canadians, who take 14 minutes to reach a decision. And why are the Italians in such a rush?

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