Finding and booking flights online can be stressful, right?

Even when using Dohop, you can still worry that you aren’t booking the right flight and if you are booking a Self-Connect flight there’s the added layer of stress with regards to making sure the flight times match.

No more.

Vivaldi is a browser that has a neat little feature that will remove some of that stress.


The browser lets you do something that has really been missing from flight search.

When you use sites like Dohop to find flights, once you find something you want to book you click the result you like and are taken away to a booking site.

There, you are sometimes presented with more than one option and aren’t sure which flight it was exactly that you clicked.

Add to that the fact that if you are booking separate outbound and return flights or are lucky enough to have a Self-Connect option avaialble this becomes even more of an issue.

“What time was the return flight? Is this the right airline?”


The Secret Feature

Enter Vivaldi.

With Vivaldi you can stack tabs and then have them appear next to each other within the same window.

This way, you can keep your search results on one side as reference while you book the flight. No more jumping back and forth between browser tabs, no more worries about booking the wrong flight.


Book your flight with the search result open for reference

Everything you need to now is right in front of you, right as you are booking. In the image above, for example, you can see that the price and times match. You are booking the correct flight.

You can even stack three or four tabs in the same screen.


Open two or more browser tabs side-by-side.

Here’s how it’s done. Once you have a search result that opens in another tab, drag that tab over the Dohop tab. When it turns gray, let go and the tabs are stacked. Right-click the tabs and select “Tile stacked tabs” and it will open each tab separately in a split-screen view.

Clever, right?

Get Vivaldi for yourself and try it out the next time you are booking flights.

Download Vivaldi Today!

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