Don’t you hate how cramped airline seats are these days?

You are not alone. In a recent survey conducted by Tripadvisor, people answered questions about air travel. More specifically, they answered questions about what they disliked most about air travel. What would you think was the number one complaint?

1. The Uncomfortable Seats

77% of travelers said that uncomfortable seats with little leg room was the most annoying thing about flying.

In fact, according to the survey, 82% of fliers are “strongly opposed” to airlines installing narrower seats in the economy class cabin. 57% of you are more willing now than five years ago to pay for a seat with more room.

The top factor for finding and booking a flight, however, is still the price. So, even though we like to complain about them, we are likely to buy cheaper flights and just suffer through the trip than to pay more for space.

2. The Hidden Fees

Fees for your luggage, your carry-on, meals during the flight, printing out your boarding pass, credit card fees – We’ve seen them all. 71% of travelers complained about hidden fees. Rightfully so.

And yet, as much as customers complain about them, the airlines keep piling them on. SAS most recently announced that you can get a cheaper ticket if you don’t bring any luggage. Which just means that you are paying more if you do have luggage.

3. The Flight Delays

Severe passenger delays.
Flight delays are always annoying, especially if you have a connecting flight to catch.

67% of those surveyed said that flight delays were a cause for complaint.

We, however, know a secret trick to avoiding flight delays.

4. The High Ticket Prices


A reasonable complaint, which 62% of respondents listed.

High flight prices will always be an issue although flight prices are expected to drop with increased competition and lower fuel prices. To find the lowest price on flights though, Dohop‘s Self-Connect cannot be beaten.

5. The Crying Kids

Ah yes. You sit down and are about to go to sleep when the kid behind you starts crying. And cries for the entire flight while the mother looks at you embarrassed and says “I don’t know what’s wrong, she’s not usually like this.” That.

50% of travelers complained about crying kids on flights and 42% said they would pay more to sit in a child-free section of the airplane. A Lonely Planet survey tells us that, in addition to you finding children crying annoying, most of you feel sorrier for yourselves than for the parents of the crying child. That’s ok.

Now tell us. What do you find most annoying about flying?

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