Everyone, it seems, wants to build the world’s biggest hotel.

Moscow, Las Vegas and Malaysia have exchanged the title as hotels got bigger and new hotels were built, each trying to one-up the other.

But what are the biggest hotels in the world today?

1. First World Hotel, Malaysia

The First World Hotel in Malaysia is made up of two separate buildings; there are 24 floors in Tower 1 and 28 floors in Tower 2.

It was the world’s largest hotel from 2006-2008 when the Venetian in Las Vegas stole the crown. It regained the title from The Venetian in August 2015 when the building of Tower 2 was completed and it is currently the biggest (and probably most colorful) hotel in the world.

2. The Venetian and The Palazzo, Las Vegas

The Venetian hotel Las Vegas

Together with The Palazzo, The Venetian complex was the world’s largest hotel from 2008-2015.

It is built in the style of Venice, complete with a waterway and gondolas.

3. MGM Grand, Las Vegas

The MGM Grand hotel in Las Vegas
The MGM Grand in Las Vegas was the world’s largest hotel for thirteen years; from 1993 to 2006, when it was surpassed by the First World Hotel in Malaysia and then pushed down to number three by the Venetian.

4. Disney’s All-star Resorts, Orlando

Disney's All-star movies resort

Disney's All-star sports resort
Disney's All-star music resort

This is a complex of buildings more than a single hotel each built in a theme. There’s a movie them, a sports theme and a music theme. Colorful and fun.


5. Izmailovo Hotel, Moscow

Gamma and Delta buildings of the Izmailovo hotel in Moscow

Photo courtesy of Izmailovo hotel

The Izmailovo hotel was the world’s biggest hotel from 1980 to 1993. It consists of 4 towers; Alpha, Beta, Vega and Gamma-Delta. Each tower is 30 stories high.

It was built especially for the 1980 Olympics because of a lack of hotel rooms at the time. So they just built what was the biggest hotel at the time.

6. Wynn + Encore

The Wynn and Encore hotels in Las Vegas
The Wynn consist of two towers, The Wynn itself and the nearby Encore.

The hotel, including the attached buildings, is so large that it needs its own map.

7. Mandalay Bay + Delano + Four Seasons, Las Vegas

This hotel is so big that there is a Four Seasons hotel INSIDE the Mandalay Bay Hotel itself. (Four Seasons occupy floors 35 – 39).

8. Luxor, Las Vegas


Yes. It’s a pyramid. The hotel rooms are in the walls, all with slanted windows. The center of the pyramid is a casino and, we must admit, a rather scary drop.

9. Ambassador City Jomtien, Chonburi, Thailand


The pool at the Ambassador City Jomtien hotel

Ok. This may be the hotel with the best view in the world. At least, that is, if the pictures are even close to the real thing.

It also has Asia’s largest swimming pool. Or at least it claims to.

10. Excalibur Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas

Excalibur Hotel and Casino Las Vegas

The Excalibur hotel is built in the style of the legned of King Arthur; turrets and spires and castles. The hotel has been making changes to its decor, however, to make it more modern.

It currently houses one of the few McDonald’s in the world to vend Pepsi instead of Coke, and is where the biggest MegaBucks jackpot was won, a whopping $ 39.7 million.

Just how big are they?

Together these hotels have 53,655 rooms, enough to hold about 160,000 people if the average hotel room can hold 3 people.

Vegas is the king of the large hotels, with 6 of the 10 largest hotels. Not just that; of the twenty largest hotels in the world, 11 are in Las Vegas.

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