When you are booking a flight, do you ever worry that you are doing something wrong?

We asked one of our vendors, Flight Network, what mistakes made by customers they dealt with most often. Here’s what they said.

1. Contacting the Wrong Company

Often times when people book with sites like Dohop, travelers are unaware that they have actually made their flight booking on another site, like Flight Network.

This is not a huge mistake but can simply waste time when a customer is trying to resolve something about their booking and decide to contact a meta-search travel site (like Dohop) instead of the company they actually booked with.

2. Entering Incorrect Names

If you go by a shortened name or a completely different name, remember those are not the names that should be on your booking. The name you enter should match the name on your passport.

If you book your ticket with any name other than the one that’s on your passport, there’s a good chance you’ll have difficulty checking in at the airport.

It could cost you a service fee to change your name or the cost of a new ticket if the airline you’ve booked with doesn’t allow name changes.

3. Entering the Wrong Credit Card Expiry Date

We all make typos. It’s no big deal, right? Well, in this case wrong.

If your credit card expiration date is entered incorrectly, the transaction will be declined, in which case your seats are not actually confirmed until full payment is received.

It could cost you lost seats or having to pay more than when you originally tried to book.

4. Booking Flights to the Wrong City

NSW Sydney Australia aerial of city skyline with Circular Quay opera house and sydney harbour bridge 2004
It’s probably hard to believe that this happens, but you’ll be surprised to know that it happens more often than you would probably expect it to.

People have actually booked a ticket (or thought they did) to Sydney, Australia and end up in Sydney, Nova Scotia.

So when booking your flight, make sure you double check the country and not just the city since there are many places in the world with the same names.

It could cost you a long wasted trip back home or the purchase of a brand new ticket.

5. Showing up at the Airport at the Wrong Date/Time

This one is a shocker too. We see this too often.

Some websites show times based on the 24- hour clock and others show timings based on AM and PM. Understanding your departure date and time is crucial.

If you end up missing your flight, you’ll be considered a “no show” and will have no rights for a refund.

Be sure to double-check flight times and dates. It can be confusing sometimes with layovers.

It could cost you the cost of a new ticket if you end up missing your flight.

6. Not Checking Your Passport Expiry Dates


Especially for people who don’t travel very often, checking the expiry date on your passport should be the first thing that is done when thinking of going on a trip.

Most countries require a passport to enter, even if you’re just passing through. Most passports expire every 5 years. Some countries even require passport to be valid for at least 6 months beyond travel dates.

It could cost you expensive flight change costs, rushed passport application or even cancellation costs.

So. Have you made any of these mistakes?

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