Who didn’t go crazy collecting Pokémon on the new Pokémon GO game this weekend? While the game is officially limited in availability to countries like the US, New Zealand and Australia, it was easy for those in other countries to get in on the action. Plus, if you’re from those regions and happen to be traveling, you can use the app to break the ice and meet new people.

 Pokémon Go for Next Level Travel

pokemon go dohop travelImagine the impact on an international level, where your bucket list trip abroad to, say, see Iceland’s Northern Lights is elevated by grabbing Pokéballs and Pokémon at PokéSpots atop glaciers, inside a volcano or when visiting cool historic landmarks like Thingvellir. NEXT LEVEL TOURISM!

We weren’t kidding about using the app to meet new people while traveling. Communities all over the world are connecting in new ways through the game, forming new teams and using the hunt to inspire new connections (of course, being aware of your surroundings to stay safe is still recommended). Here are some of the coolest Pokémon Go sightings yet

Pokémon Go at Dohop HQ

Since our office is above Reykjavik’s popular comic and gaming shop Nexus, we’re anticipating a few Pokémon Hunter sightings throughout the week.

Pokémon Go travel Dohop headquarters

We’ve already caught Rattata harassing our front end dev team. So who knows what you’d find popping by for a latte.

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If you’re at a loss for what the fuss is about, The Guardian has a comprehensive Pokémon GO for the n00bs” guide and Reddit has this handy thread full of tips and tricks.



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