As you should all have seen by now, Dohop has a new logo and design.


We’ve expected reactions to the change to be mixed; some people would hate it, others would love it. Dohop employees themselves were not all fans of the logo at first (though now, of course, we all love it).



Last week, the redesign got a review in one of the world’s main design journals, Brand New, which, among other things, specifically reviews logo redesigns.  They tend to be rather brutal.

The reviewers had the following to say about Dohop’s logo redesign:


“The new logo is very unconventional in that it’s almost like its own billboard with a layout and hierarchy within it but it’s quite fun in its quirkiness.”

“I like how the icons can switch to communicate different themes although it’s hard to tell at which point in the experience with Dohop you see them but, hey, they make for a cool GIF and talking point.”

“The best application might be their website — and I rarely praise websites. It manages to make the logo look more serious, the custom fonts look great, it’s all very neatly laid out, and the use of color is sharp and engaging.”

Now, one reviewer’s view doesn’t tell the whole story and, as we expected, there were other opinions.

The comment section of Brand New is quite lively and this case was no exception.

Let’s go to the comments.

“I think I fell in love when I saw that sticker sheet. :D”

“I like that it’s quirky without feeling forced, it gives it a distinctly approachable vibe that the bigger sites don’t really have.”

“Personally, this logo gives me extreme anxiety. The icons are cute but when used in the logo it just feels cluttered and overwhelming.”

“I give them credit for trying something different. In time, they could lose the icons from the lock up version and we will all understand the who and what the brand is.”


“The thing with the icons is that—despite their disparate styles, levels of detail, and orientation—they all make perfect sense and are immediately recognizable. The icons all convey a sense of the FUN side of travel. If this were Travelocity, it probably would have focused on the TSA, taxis, tickets, and the terrible trauma of travel. On the contrary, this is terrific!”

“Can someone hit me over the head with a frying pan?”

“I like the idea of breaking up the letters with icons. It’s not something you see often and it’s pretty out there compared to the original especially. The finished product definitely has some issues, but on the dark blue background on the website I actually like it a lot.”

“I think this is great, congrats to the team for producing a nice cohesive identity. Lot’s of fun, since it’s primary goal is to look up fares for travelling … on holiday. No suits required. Really like the mugs too.”



Reddit is a dark corner of the internet that you should never visit. Ok, ok, Reddit is one of the most consistently entertaining and informative places online, and has managed to be so for about 10 years.

Their comments, however, tend to be really brutal. As they were in our case.

“I hate it. So distracting.”

“Frankly the new logo should be scrapped and burned. It looks like a logo made in ten minutes for a site that sells fake discount vacations.”

“From ‘generic web 2.0 logo’ to ‘we don’t give a fuck mess’.”

Now tell us. What do YOU think of the new logo?

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