Today is a great day in Dohop’s history. Today we put the fun back into travel search.

Dohop has evolved quite a bit since we started back in 2005, with a modest flight search engine that, when launched, searched through just the few low-cost airlines of Europe for cheap flights. Today we search through all airlines the world over, including many new players in the low-cost airline space.

Today we introduce our new brand.


About The New Brand

The new brand design is a quite a jump from our old one.

It is the second major rebranding of Dohop and it encompasses the deep philosophy we are embracing as we move forward; travel is supposed to be fun.

The logo, while quite playful, also tells the story of what Dohop is for. From searching for a flight, to packing and traveling until, last but not least, you arrive at your destination.

The radical logo and color pallette along with the new iconography was created by Swedish design firm Bedow, and the colors and boldness have been integrated into the redesign of the whole Dohop online experience.

The new Dohop frontpage

Dohop flight search

We added a lot of bold color but kept the focus on the only thing that really matters; the user’s ability to search for a flight.

Go ahead. Give it a try.

A New Version of Dohop Go!

Dohop Go! has been a favorite of our users for a long time. In our experience you either love Dohop Go, or you haven’t seen it.

Dohop Go! lets you see a lot of prices for flights from a single airport, in case you know when you want to travel but are open to where you go.

The prices come from our cache, the place the prices go when anyone makes a search on Dohop. We take the departure and destination info and the price and add it to Dohop Go! so others can see what is available.

Dohop Go!

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