In Iceland, there is plenty to cheer about


It is an exciting time to be in Iceland! We have near-eternal day light, the countryside is lush and green, summer holidays are under way and over the weekend, our home country elected a new President, Gudni Johannesson. President-elect Johannesson was a well known and respected historian and political commentator before deciding to run for office. Our new First Lady is Canadian-born Eliza Reid, a writer and co-founder of the renowned literary event Iceland Writers Retreat, which is held in Reykjavik every April.

As we’ve mentioned previously, Iceland has only had 5 Presidents since it gained independence from Denmark in 1944. Johannesson will be the 6th President.


One of Gudni’s first official duties as President-elect was to fly to France today to support Team Iceland in the #Euro2016 match against England, a country that has had a bit of an exciting week itself.  Gudni is joined by some 3,000 Icelanders at the eco-friendly Allianz Riviera stadium and another 5,000 across fan zones throughout Europe.

While we at Dohop are cheering for the home team today, we continue to celebrate our customers from all over the world who use our meta search engine every day to research and book their travel– from flights to hotels to car rentals (car hire)– at the best possible prices.


Iceland Dohops to France in great numbers

Iceland’s remarkable win last week against Hungary at the European Championships helped create a historic moment for us too, as a record number of Icelanders used Dohop at the very same time to book their travel (flights, hotels and rental cars) to and within France (except this guy). Like we did during the match against Portugal, we monitored Iceland engagement on our site at various points throughout the game, especially after the first goal. Once the team nailed the final goal that clinched the win against Hungary, traffic literally skyrocketed.

If you’re feeling particularly optimistic about tonight’s outcome, why not go ahead and book your flight to Paris?

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