Travelers (you) made thousands of hotel bookings on Dohop’s hotel search in 2015. Among the things our data lets us see are when the booking is made, the specific hotel, and the length of the stay.

The data shows a high proportion of single-night hotel bookings, many of them on short notice. Also clear is that most people do still play it safe; the average hotel booking is made 6 weeks in advance.

The infographic below highlights our findings.

Although Copenhagen is the most popular single city, the U.K. is the most popular country, followed by Spain and the U.S.A. Almost 15% of all hotels booked on Dohop in 2015 were in the U.K.

When hotels booked by airports in London are taken into account (not just hotels booked in London proper) it jumps into first place above Copenhagen.

Short hotel stays
The city where most people spend just a single night is Copenhagen, most likely for people transferring for flights the following day.

There is a trend, however, for single-night short term bookings (perhaps being made on mobile phones in bars, standing next to a person of the opposite sex while smiling awkwardly). A full 12.7% of all bookings made are short-notice single-night bookings.

The most popular hotel booked in 2015, the citizenM at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, only has single-night bookings in our system. After all, no one wants to stay at Charles de Gaulle longer than they have to. (A survey we conducted in 2013 ranked it our users’ least favorite airport).

We suspect that following the increase in popularity of sites like Airbnb for longer stays, hotels will see more short-term bookings

The Oddness of Bangkok

Bangkok is an oddity; the cities most people search for flights to and the cities most people book hotels in are pretty close when the lists are compared.

Bangkok, however, while being the city most people searched for flights to on Dohop is 2015, is only the 57th most popular city for hotels booked, just above Malmö in Sweden.

As it turns out, people traveling to Thailand are flying to Bangkok but booking hotels in other cities, Pattaya being the most popular, or using homestay services like Airbnb to book accommodation.

Booking and canceling

Looking at the data, one of the things that stood out was the high ratio of cancelled hotels; a full one out of every five booked hotels was later cancelled. While we feel this is rather high, we also understand that it is actually lower than’s average.

Russians are the most indecisive lot, with about 75% of hotels booked by Russians later being cancelled.

Brits and Norwegians, on the other hand, are more decisive. Just about one out of ten Brits cancel their hotels (11.81%) and one out of eight Norwegians (12.61%).

We saw a noticeable tendency towards canceling hotels booked in Italy and Spain for some reason, with Milan, Rome, Benidorm, Barcelona and Tenerife all having high cancellation ratios.

Among the chains, Radisson was the most booked in our system this year, followed by hotels in the Best Western chain, The Holiday Inn, Hilton and Marriott.

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