Dohop Flights App gets first class upgrade to deliver powerful travel comparison and booking on-the-go.

dohop flights app updated

Dohop Flights App, available for free through Google Play and App Store, has been updated with a fully revised design, more robust flight search and the ability to save recent flight searches. Dohop has also added a new “discover” tool, based on Dohop Go, which lets users browse and book the best-priced destinations currently available from their location.

The app also now includes hotel and rental car search for a complete travel comparison and booking experience on-the-go. All of the flight search filters and currency preferences enjoyed on Dohop’s site are also now available within the app.

Both the Android and iOS apps were built using React Native, streamlining development and improving Dohop’s ability to release features simultaneously across both platforms as well as desktop and mobile, for a more fluid user experience.

“Dohop is committed to making travel planning fun and simple. This is reflected in our new brand identity and the simplicity of the user experience on our site and app,” says David Gunnarsson, CEO of Dohop.

What’s in the Dohop Flights App?

  • Hotel and rental car search
  • Robust Flight Search engine
  • Saved search results — see most recent flight searches.
  • Sort flight search results by price, take-off  and landing times, best possible itinerary and more.
  • Filter quality of travel (overnight stay, overnight flight, ground transport between connections, self-connecting travel), number of connections, length of time between connections as well as airport, airline and online travel agency inclusion or exclusion.


Dohop “Discover” at-a-glance

  • Browse best-priced flights from your location without typing.
  • Check current travel prices for any destination globally, for up to 1 year.
  • Intuitive user guidance simplifies travel planning.
  • Additional “self-connect” icons identify unique, Dohop-created flight itineraries in search results.

Dohop Flights App Discover



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