Some of us eat to live and some of us live to eat. Since we all need our basic three meals a day, wouldn’t it be a fantastic idea to make the culinary immersion part of the travel experience?

Food may satiate your hunger, but good food can satiate not just your hunger, but your taste buds as well. As such, since there is a growing trend of food-centric traveling, why not experience the city you’re in through its food?

Here are 5 ways of doing just that.

Cooking Classes

Get your hands dirty and cook up delights with the local experts. You can find workshops that are situated either within schools or in the locals’ homes, depending on your preference.

Cooking classes

Dine with Locals

Indulge in authentic delights prepared by a local family. You can kill two birds with one stone by booking a BonAppetour experience which allows you to meet new people and share stories over food while you savour the traditional cuisine.


Food Festivals

With the emergence of a large number of gastronomic destinations, there are an increasing and variety of food festivals to visit around the world.

These are just 6 festivals of the many available all over the world.

Food Festivals

Winter Beerfest – 29th to 30th Jan 2016 @ Ontario, USA
2016 Marlborough Wine & Food Festival – 13th Feb 2016 @ New Zealand
Dubai Food Festival 2016 – 25th Feb to 12th Mar 2016 @ Dubai
Flavor! Napa Valley – 16th to 20th Mar 2016 @ California, USA
Bleinheim Palace Food Festival 28th – 30th May 2016 @ Oxfordshire, England
Singapore Food Festival – July 2016 @ Singapore

Factory Tours

Visiting food factories and breweries is also a great way of understanding how food is made and processed. They can range from candy-making tours to beer-brewing tours to pepper sauce manufacturing tours. Take your pick!

Factory tour

Farm-to-table Cuisine

From a personal stand point, this appeals to me the most. We get to enjoy produce that is fresh, seasonal and local and based on that, our meal is decided. Although this does not necessarily mean that the end product is organic, at least it would truly be a culinary adventure where we might not know what to expect. Take the chance to understand how the vegetables are grown, harvested, cooked and served as you dine.

Farm to table

So go ahead and enrich your travel experience by immersing yourself in the food culture. You will come away with a greater understanding of the tastes and traditions of the city at the end of your vacation.

*Note. This is a guest post from our friends at BonAppetour.

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