Your favorite place in the world is about to get really crowded. 

The following charts show just how much global tourism impacts the world economy and, more surprising, just how much it is set to grow.

What surprises us most about these projections, especially the first one, is just how much tourism is expected to grow in Europe, and the expected explosion in visits to countries in Asia.

Another interesting thing to note is just how little visits to the Americas are expected to grow.


1. Projected Internation Tourist Arrivals

Global World Tourism Growth

More tourists are expected to visit Europe in 2030 than traveled anywhere, total, in 1995.

2030 is closer to us in time than 1995.

Yeah, let that sink in.

So we are facing an unbeleivable increase in tourism around the world, but most of the growth will be in Europe, which already has the most crowded places, like Venice, The Vatican and Paris.  Asia and the Pacific (Australia) will also see a huge increase in visitors.

While travel to Africa, the Middle East and the Americas does increase, it is nowhere close to what it is for Europe. Just be prepared to stand in a long line at the Louvre in 2030.

2. Tourism Contributions to the World Economy

Tourism Contribution to GDP

Just so there is no mistake: tourism is an amazing contributor to the world economy. For many countries and cities, tourism is absolutely vital.

And apart from a slight misstep in 2008, it rises every year.

3. Global International Tourism Revenue

Global tourism revenue


This chart shows the direct impact of tourism in actual money spent. The most astounding thing about this chart is the rate of growth; global tourism spending now counts for triple what it was in 2000.

It’s a good time to be working in tourism.

4. Most Visited Tourist Attractions

Let’s take a look at where, exactly, everone is going. Note; these are specific tourist attractions, not cities.

The Most Visited Tourist Attractions

5. Number of International Overnight Visitors

Or; in which cities do most international tourists spend a night in a hotel.

Overnight International Visitors


We guess we’ll see you in Europe in 2030, right? Or are you one of the adventurous types that’s going to Africa?

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