Have you ever paid too much for a hotel?

On Dohop’s hotel page you can find over a million hotels and properties worldwide. The thing is, it can be hard to know when you are getting a good deal on a hotel, right?

Here are three “tricks” to ensure that you are getting the most for your money.

1. Watch for Value Deals

example of value deal hotel on Dohop

When a hotel combines a few things; good photos, great ratings from guests and is available for a rate lower than other comparable hotels, they are marked with a “Value Deal” icon. Sometimes, they are also having a discount sale, as in the example above.

These deals are generally only on hotels that are already well worth a stay, and we just feel a reason to call them out especially. You should not be disappointed with a booking at a Value Deal hotel, both in regards to the hotel and the price of the booking.

2. Jump on Quick Discounts

Example of a discount hotel in Boston

When hotels in the city you are traveling to have discounts, they are clearly marked in the top left corner of the hotel result.

These are generally around 20% – 35% but occasionally they go up to 60% and above (as shown). These are temporary discounts as the hotel will only have a few rooms at the discounted price, so it makes sense to book this if you are searching with purpose.

Also, you can always cancel without paying anything if you do so with more than 7 days’ advance.

3 Look for Countdown Deals of the Day

Example of Dohop countdown hotel deal

Sometimes, a deal on a hotel is so exceptional we will highlight it at the top of your results. These are only available for a few hours, though, so you should make your mind up quickly.

Hint: book that hotel, book it now.

Good to remember:

Most of the time you can cancel a hotel booking without paying anything if you do so more than 7 days in advance of your intended arrival.

Make sure to read the guest reviews for the hotel you like. They can tell you a lot about the hotel.

Check out the photos. Each hotel in the Dohop hotel search has photographs of the rooms, the restaurants and nearby sights.

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